What we do

For Corporations

Ascor sets up, maintains and manages your company.

We provide managing directors, nominee shareholding, registered office address, experienced industry professionals and fully equipped office space.

We can assist with the opening of bank accounts. For E-commerce related activities we can arrange for merchant accounts and e-money payment solutions.

Ascor handles your accounting, pay roll needs and tax filings.

We deliver compliance guidance, to keep the company in line with existing rules and regulations, thus managing any reputational risk or possible sanctions.

While you focus on what you are best at, we handle the day-to-day affairs of your business.

For Private Clients

Ascor provides trusts, foundations and other vehicles that are part of asset protection strategies.

We set them up, maintain and manage them.

While you enjoy peace of mind, we help preserve your assets.

For Compliance

In a world where regulatory demands increase and become more complex, Ascor monitors on an ongoing basis that your business meets its requirements.

Ascor furthermore assists in obtaining one time permits or licenses required specifically for the line of business you are active in.

While you focus on your core activity, we see to it that your business is compliant with laws, regulations and guidelines that apply to your operations.

For Escrow

Ascor facilitates financial transactions, related to acquisitions or trading, by managing blocked accounts where funds are held until they can be released.


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