Curacao is an island, strategically located between North and South America. It has a population of around 150.000, comprising of many nationalities. While Curacao is autonomous, it forms part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Thanks to its political stability, close political, legal and economic ties to The Netherlands and its excellent infrastructure, Curacao has been a financial center for decades, offering all business conveniences.

Curacao is a white listed jurisdiction, being compliant with OECD standards, the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the European Union.

We provide all services related to the incorporation and management of Curacao based entities. These services include the providing of managing directors, registered office facilities, day-to-day management, winding up and bookkeeping.

The entities we provide these services to include limited liability companies, e-zone companies and private foundations. These entities can be useful for various purposes, such as holding activities, e-commerce activities, financing, owning of real estate and intellectual property rights.


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